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Making me think about the digital world

Being invited to attend the Digital Champion Training was a real eye opener for me on a personal level. This training gave us all an opportunity to discuss the future of the digital world on our everyday lives and explored the impact of this for the entire community. Focussing on the digital world in relation to health is a crucial piece of work as this area affects us all as it does not excluded anyone group or individual.

Drawing from my own limited experience of the digital world it provide me with deeper thoughts and also helped me consider my own attitude to the digital world. Listening to the views of others in the training gave me an understanding of how far this area had already come without me, and I guess many others like me. The impact of COVID-19 forced us to move forward without even comprehending or acknowledging the volume and speed of changes taking place.

The NHS is a pivotal part of my life as I have long term health conditions and considering how I myself will have to change to access my own health care is both exciting yet elements are scary. If they are scary for me it makes me wonder how the members we serve at ACCI will cope. Is this therefore another element of work to be developed or do we all just go with the flow and see how it evolves? But one thing for sure is that it is not going away we that we take a deep breath, open our eyes and begin to walk in that direction. Thus we will have to be prepared to embrace it. This will be both a mental and physical change for so many of us.

Dawn Anderson

Digital Peer Champion

ACCI September 2022

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