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Thoughts from the first interview

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

I think it was useful to start with the individual's own personal circumstances in terms of what technology they used and how they felt about using it in order to get them thinking about what technology would look like in a perfect world. This then flowed into how they believed health technologies could be improved for their own lives. The questions were excellent for bringing us back to the discussion and were useful for sparking further questions and ideas from the participant.

The participant talked about their own technology, what they use it for and their hesitancy about using it in certain situations. The participant began thinking more about practical answers as the clever conversation progressed, including how technology could be adapted to different people as well as themselves and what would be required to achieve this. The participant mentioned less information and less buttons as well as wishing the technology would be clearer and the language more understandable.

The next step was connecting statements throughout the conversation to the themes/codes listed in the guide provided by the project. With regards to the subject of accessibility through simplicity, for example, these statements could fall within the theme of 'what is needed to make these technologies work well for your communities'. Hesitancy in relation to using technology in relation to ordering things or providing information could fall within the theme of 'qualities/characteristics/attributes of technology'. The participant discussed elderly people not feeling like they can or want to keep up with constantly evolving technologies. This falls within the theme of 'qualities/characteristics/attributes of the community of the person you are talking to'. All of the statements throughout the conversation fell within one (or more) of the themes/codes.

Jim Priestley

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